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With our generator repair and maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing that your generators are ready whenever they’re needed.

At K&M Power Systems, we know that keeping the lights on is crucial for homes and businesses all around South Florida. Our Kohler Certified Technicians provide comprehensive services for systems of all shapes, brands, ages and sizes. When you’re searching for the best generator service in South Florida, you can count on our technicians at K&M Power Systems.

Our team has been part of the generator care industry since 1972. With decades of experience, our team knows a thing or two about generator repair and maintenance. We understand the importance of proper maintenance routines for your generator, especially preventative maintenance. With proper care, we can help minimize the frequency or severity of generator issues. Whether you need backup, standby or continuous power solutions, we can help ensure your generators are running properly through our services.

At K&M Power Systems, we understand how important generators are throughout South Florida, year-round.

In addition to the best generator maintenance services, we also offer new sales for residential and commercial generator systems. Having trouble choosing your ideal system? We can connect you with your ideal generator systems for both residential and commercial spaces. There are many different generators on the market that fit a variety of needs, and finding your best fit starts by calling on our experts at K&M Power Systems.

We can help meet all of your power generator needs. We have been trusted experts in generator sales, repairs and maintenance since 1972. Whether you’re looking for a brand new generator, repairs for your existing generator or you’re in need of routine maintenance services, you can count on our team. We serve areas all around South Florida, and we can care for your systems as well. Call us today to learn more about our generator sales and services.

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